YELT is not SED -- but it is an extended variant

If you are SED user and you love it but wish it could do a few more things, or, more likely, if you would like to use SED but you find writing effective programs a bit overwhelming, you might want to give yelt a try.

Yelt is stream text editor that is intended to be used as part of command line scripts. Yelt's command language is very similar to SED's (with a few incompatibilities) but with a few extensions:

Yelt does not have goto labels, but it does have a while loop. Scripts do work differently in yelt than in SEd, but the transition from sed to yelt is very minor. See the following files:

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yelt's -h output

Obtaining the source and compiling

Get Yelt

Compiling on linux should be as simple as extracting the .zip file into a directory and running GNU make.

To compile Windows, if you are using cygwin, should work exactly the same way. If you are not using cygwin or do not have a GNU make that works for you, just try compiling the yelt source files like this:

cl /GX /GR -I. -DSTDC_HEADERS=1 /Feyelt.exe *.cpp *.c