NT specifics

NT specific info

PDcurses is used on NT as the "curses" package. The source code directory, pdcurses, has been hand tweaked to make it work as invoked from "build.bat" in the top level CXX directory. The code has also been changed to make it more compatible with modern compilers.

Note that if you develop console applications that run on NT, you should include a global static object in your main() program that superseeeds the default "abort/retry/ignore" logic that NT console applications are want to engage in. To do this, include the object, NTexception.obj. It is compiled into the libTools.lib -- but you will have to force it into to application using an explicit use of NTexception.obj on the link line.

See lib/NTexception.cxx for the source code and look at build.bat for an example use of it.

Note that NT console windows work quite differently than the putty/xterm family.

It is difficult not so say something very insulting about NT's console interface design, but I will limit myself to this one sentence demonstrating my frustration.

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