Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
BIscanNamespace BIscan defines a variety of fast text scanning classes and functions which eliminate the overhead found using iostreams when scanning simple text buffers for builtin types. Basically, using class BIscan::Stream is like using sscanf -- and is 3X faster for integers because of inlining. For example:
cxxtlsThe namespace that encapsulates most of the functionality in the CXX toolkit
cxxtls::CursesInterfaceA namespace that wraps the many functions that interact with the curses terminal used by the program
cxxtls::fmtdalgoFmtdalgo defines symbols used by the fmtd interface. It is only needed because you can't specialize a template in a class body -- DOH! STUPID C++
cxxtls::muSEDThe namespace that contains the micro-SED interpreter definitions
fmtioA namespace encapsulating text formatting functions using control strings like those found in printf and doing it 3 times faster than boost's format class
fmtio::printableTypeNamespace holding expression classifier types and methods
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