EtagsDB Member List

This is the complete list of members for EtagsDB, including all inherited members.
case_sensitive_EtagsDB [private]
EtagsDB(std::string etags_database_filename)EtagsDB
EtagsDB(EtagsDB const &)EtagsDB [private]
file_EtagsDB [private]
filename_EtagsDB [private]
find_first(std::string const &symbol, std::string *file_name, int *line_number, std::string *line_text, bool case_sensitive_search=false)EtagsDB
find_next(std::string *file_name, int *line_number, std::string *line_text)EtagsDB
matching_files(std::string relative_path, std::list< std::string > *output) const EtagsDB
most_recent_file_EtagsDB [private]
ok() const EtagsDB
operator=(EtagsDB const &)EtagsDB [private]
searchFor(std::string const &symbol, std::string *foundFile, int *foundLine, std::string *sourceText)EtagsDB [private]
set_tags_file(std::string tagsfile)EtagsDB
symbol_EtagsDB [private]
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