Viewer Member List

This is the complete list of members for Viewer, including all inherited members.
activate enum valuerepaint_handler
application_name() const =0Viewer [pure virtual]
cmd_constant enum namerepaint_handler
commitPasteBuffer() const Viewer
deactivate enum valuerepaint_handler
description() const =0Viewer [pure virtual]
fetchAllLines(std::list< std::string > &output)Viewer [virtual]
handle_event(CursorWindow::input_event const *e, CursorWindow::viewport *vp)=0Viewer [pure virtual]
help()Viewer [virtual]
input_event typedefViewer
is_dirty() const Viewer [virtual]
manager_Viewer [protected]
operator()(CursorWindow::viewport *vp, int cmd)=0Viewer [pure virtual]
paste_buffer_type typedefViewer
resize enum valuerepaint_handler
row_col typedefViewer
set_row_col_hint(size_t line, size_t column, bool repaint=false)Viewer [virtual]
Viewer(ViewerManager *man)Viewer
viewport typedefViewer
~repaint_handler()repaint_handler [virtual]
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