My overall copyright

When in doubt, use this as my copyright -- although the date may be later, in practice:

// Copyright 2002-2012, Lowell Boggs Jr.
// This file or directory, containing source code for a computer program,
// is Copyrighted by Lowell Boggs, Jr.  987 Regency Drive, Lewisville
// TX (USA), 75067.  You may use, copy, modify, and distribute this
// source file without charge or obligation so long as you agree to
// the following:
//  1.  You must indemnify Lowell Boggs against any and all financial
//      obligations caused by its use, misuse, function, or malfunction.
//      Further, you acknowledge that there is no warranty of any kind,
//      whatsoever.
//  2.  You agree not to attempt to patent any portion of this original
//      work -- though you may attempt to patent your own extensions to
//      it if you so choose.
//  3.  You keep this copyright notice with the file and all copies
//      of the file and do not change it anyway except language translation.
// You are responsible for enforcing your own compliance with these
// conditions and may not use this source file if you cannot agree to the
// above terms and conditions.
// Warning:  not all files in this directory structure are covered by the
// same copyright.  Some of them are part of the GNU source distribution
// and you must obey the GPL copyright for those files.
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