curses_stub.cxx File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include <cxxtls/cursesinterface.h>
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namespace  cxxtls

The namespace that encapsulates most of the functionality in the CXX toolkit.

namespace  cxxtls::CursesInterface

A namespace that wraps the many functions that interact with the curses terminal used by the program.


void beepCursesTerminal ()
void closeCursesTerminal ()
void create_key_sequences_map ()
void getCursesCursor (int *row, int *col)
void getCursesScreenSize (int *row, int *col)
void make_xterm_terminfo_file (FileName const &dir)
 Create the ascii form of the curses terminfo database for later use by the TIC program to create the binary form. If it exists, don't re-create it. If it does not exist, create it and warn the user to look in the documentation. Sadly, linux had to have a different set of key bindings from all other unixes...
int mapCursesKey (int curses_key)
void moveCursesCursor (int row, int col)
void openCursesTerminal ()
void paintCharString (long c, int count, int a, int row, int col)
void paintCharString (char const *r, int count, int a, int row, int col)
int read_key_char ()
int read_mapped_key (CursorWindow &)
mouse_info read_mouse_info ()
void refreshCursesWindow ()
void setCursesAttributes (int a)


int att
int col
int row
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