cursesinterface.h File Reference

Defines routines used to draw windows and text in cursor windows. More...

#include <cxxtls/file.h>
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struct  mouse_info
 Used in mouse events to describe the position and buttons (Actually, not implemented at this time). More...


namespace  cxxtls

The namespace that encapsulates most of the functionality in the CXX toolkit.

namespace  cxxtls::CursesInterface

A namespace that wraps the many functions that interact with the curses terminal used by the program.


enum  line_drawing_characters {

logical values for asic representations of box and line fragments

enum  mouse_down_bits {
  left = 1,
  right = 2,
  middle = 4
enum  special_keys {
  MouseEvent = 0x8000000,
  ResizeEvent = -1

non-keys treated as keys with wierd key values



void beepCursesTerminal ()
void closeCursesTerminal ()
void getCursesCursor (int *row, int *col)
void getCursesScreenSize (int *row, int *col)
void make_xterm_terminfo_file (FileName const &dir)
 Create the ascii form of the curses terminfo database for later use by the TIC program to create the binary form. If it exists, don't re-create it. If it does not exist, create it and warn the user to look in the documentation. Sadly, linux had to have a different set of key bindings from all other unixes...
void moveCursesCursor (int row, int col)
void openCursesTerminal ()
void paintCharString (long c, int count, int a, int row, int col)
void paintCharString (char const *r, int count, int a, int row, int col)
int read_mapped_key (CursorWindow &)
mouse_info read_mouse_info ()
void refreshCursesWindow ()
void setCursesAttributes (int a)

Detailed Description

Defines routines used to draw windows and text in cursor windows.

Definition in file cursesinterface.h.

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