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directory  BIscan
directory  cxxtls
directory  fmtio


file  calloca.h [code]

This header file makes the use of alloca portable -- it is generally inadvisable to use alloca in C++, but you never know when an overwhelming need will pop up.

file  fnmatch.h [code]

Defines an interface to the GNU file name pattern match routine.

file  parse_date.h [code]

This file defines the interface to the parse_date function. This function was written by David Nugent and is released with his own copyright -- although you could easily rewrite it yourself understanding what he does.

file  portable_io.h [code]

This file exists to make most level 1 and level 2 i/o functions portable. It also include directory reading functions and file control functions so as to provide a single location to grab most system i/o operations in a standard way.

file  portable_math.h [code]

A slight modification to math.h to make it include functions available both on linux and windows and all other systems. I.E. the maximium denominator. Not the minimum, but the maximum that spans all target h/w of interest.

file  portable_new.h [code]

Defines a list of portable 'new' style memory allocators. Deals with older compilers that don't have exceptions in the new header file. Add any additional functions that are needed for portability here.

file  portable_strstream.h [code]

Defines an interface to class strtream::strstream that is portable across linux, windows, and major unixes.

file  regex.h [code]

An old version of the GNU regex.h file taken from their repository in the late 1990's.

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