treeviewer.h File Reference

#include <cxxtls/viewer.h>
#include <cxxtls/simple_regex.h>
#include <cxxtls/file.h>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <utility>
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class  TreeViewer
 A TreeViewer allows the display of an acyclic directed graph of TreeViewerNodes. More...
class  TreeViewerNode
 A string object that is displayable in a tree structure. A node can have children, see methods children(), open(), and close(). More...
struct  TreeViewerNodeInfo
 Derive from this class to implement data associated with tree viewer nodes. New up objects of your derived type and give them to tree viewer nodes using TreeViewerNode::adoptInfo(TreeViewerNodeInfo *); When the node gets deleted, the node info will get deleted. More...


namespace  cxxtls

The namespace that encapsulates most of the functionality in the CXX toolkit.

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