The CXX Utilities package contains portable implementations for a variety of common programming tools. It is, therefore, a fairly minimalistic application development framework. These tools were developed with specific intent of making the freely available. See my copyright_notice.

The distribution is divided up like this:

Utility Functions

The following directories define a library of utility functions and classes:

The directory named "tests" has test programs for this functionality.

See utility_functions for a description of the functionality in the cxxtls namespace.

Helpful Programs

The bin directory defines a couple of programs useful to software developers:

Helpful Scripts

The bin directory also contains some helpful scripts:


A wrapper script that makes it easier to use cca.exe


A script that invokes your compiler in such a way so as to make it produce the list of default include directorys -- like /usr/include, and so on.


Recursively prints the names of C++ files, starting in the current directory.


Scripts that help with the git CMS too.


Scripts that are helpful in using the svn configuration management system or in the use of the "STV/" cxxtls::ScriptTableViewer script.

A Text Editor

The directory editor implements a text editor based on curses. It also works on MS Windows. Note that the editor is imbedded in a directory viewer. See Editor.

A GNU pop3 Interface

Old stuff best forgotten

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